Exit Cleaning Ipswich

Exit Cleaning services guarantee your money back and also provide a guarantee for further services. If there is a complaint about our work or if the landlord makes another demand, we will return to work until the landlord is satisfied.

To return your deposit, the landlord requires a clean and ready-to-move-in home. We completely understand the fear of losing money for just some dust on carpets, walls, and corners of the house that you can’t even see. This is why we offer exit cleaning in Ipswich, where we promise to give you a completely clean house in exchange for your money back from the landlord. Our professional team does not waste time looking for hidden dust and garbage in the corners of the house. You will only need to pack your belongings and relax, and we will serve you the house in the best possible condition.

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Some of our top services are listed below:

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Our Procedure For Exit Cleaning

  • Our staff will vacuum your floors, carpets, sliding doors and windows.
  • We don’t just focus on floors. Our team will clean the fans, air conditioners, light fittings, skirting, doors, drawers, blinds, cords and rails.
  • We make sure that your walls are spotless. If there are any stains on doors or even on floors, we will take care of them.
  • Kitchens are not that easy to clean, but our experts’ clean kitchen interiors, platforms, and other installations such as stove, grillers, sinks, drain holes and exhausts.
  • Bathrooms and toilets are generally the most trickiest places to get clean. But our experienced staff make sure that they clean every corner of the toilet and bathrooms alike. Both the sides of the cupboards and drawers, shower recess, bath, sink, taps, mirrors, floors, windows and exhaust fans.
  • Laundry rooms will be taken care of by our experts as well. Our team makes sure that they don’t miss any of the spots even behind the machines and on the walls. Track floors, equipment, laundry tub, shelves and drawers all cleaned and prepared to the best of their conditions.
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Exit cleaning is different from the regular cleaning as it needs to be done more thoroughly. Here is the list of features that includes in Exit Cleaning.

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