Bond Cleaning Logan

While moving to a new home can be stressful, it should not prevent you from receiving your bond back. It becomes necessary to clean it up in accordance with the standard rules and expectations of the property owners. BS Bond Cleaning in Logan is always ready to ensure the top class cleaning. Our aim is to recover all of your bond money by ensuring the total cleaning of the rented property.

To receive a complete refund of your bond, You must ensure that the property is in good working order when you move out.

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With BS Bond Cleaning services, you will surely get a 100% bond money refund from your landlord.

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Bond cleaning Includes


● Cupboards Cleaning ( outside & inside)
● Countertops and surfaces washing
● Clean the inside and exterior of the oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer, etc
● Window cleaning, Door frames, and fly screen
● sweeping/vacuuming and floor cleaning


● Bath, sink, and toilet Cleaning
● Tiles Cleaning
● Removal of mould from tiles or walls, and ceiling
● Wash shower curtain, doors or enclosure
● Cleaning all surface areas, shower mirrors and rails
● Wash and sweep all floors

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Other Rooms

1. Clean all surfaces and dust
2. Wash door, Window frames and sills/tracks
3. Mirrors cleaning
4. Cleaning the fans dust
5. Clean air conditioning units and filters
6. Cupboards for wardrobes cleaning
7. Cleaning and dusting of skirting boards
8. Wash floors and vacuum

Outdoor Areas

● Mowing the grass, weeding, and trimming the edges
● Cleaning of leaves or debris from the pool
● External areas sweep
● Wash and empty al the bins
● Removing any oil stains on the driveway or in the garage
● Removing cobwebs

In General

● Remove all trash from the property.
● If specified in the agreement, have carpets cleaned and pest control performed.

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We might be able to treat other pest that may be present in your home. Please let our friendly staff member to get details about it

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